Word Whiz PRO™

What's it all about?
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In a word

If you like 'Scrabble', 'Words with friends' and 'Boggle' you'll love Word Whiz PRO™. Play Word Whiz PRO™ to practice word recall, test your vocabulary, learn new words – or just for the fun of completing each pattern. The perfect word game for any age and ability!

Word Whiz PRO™ is a design-led, fun and innovative new word game for the iPad. This modern twist on more traditional word games challenges players to create and connect words across a set of 48 puzzling levels, scoring points and collecting bonuses as they go. Use words of 3, 4, 5 or 6 letters to complete the geometric patterns on each game board and earn up to three stars for your speed, recall or even for just getting it finished!

Ease in with simple patterns, which are great for beginners and young children. As your confidence grows, challenge yourself to improve your score and time at each level. The more you play, the better your strategy for completing the higher-level boards — right up to the top levels where we throw in random letters from the start!


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Parents, guardians and teachers

If you are playing Word Whiz PRO™ with young children it's a great idea to just let them experiment: you may be surprised to see how many words they can think of without your help. When they’ve completed a level, they can click on ‘View’ and also take a screen shot to show you their achievement. Of course, the ‘Top Score’ tables will keep track of the highest score. For young readers, Word Whiz PRO™ will help them to get started if you just stick to the 3-letter words.

We've seen that levels 1 and 2 can be quite challenging enough. You could suggest, for instance, making words with the same vowel each time; so level 1 might read: cat–tap–pat–tan–nag–gap. Or change the vowel each time e.g.: cat–ten–nip–pot–tub–bat. It won’t be long before they are keen to improve their score and flex their literary skill at the higher levels.